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Easily achieve FITARA compliance.

At Insight, our goal is to help agencies solve their IT challenges. In the federal space, that objective can be directly linked to meeting Federal IT Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) compliance, requiring all federal agencies to modernize IT according to specific criteria.

FITARA centers on IT budget optimization, data center consolidation, risk transparency and the adoption of emerging technologies. Chief information officers are given a grade based on their agency’s compliance within these categories. If your FITARA grade needs improvement, we can help.

How do you score with FITARA?

Explore each FITARA category to see how your agency stacks up.


This score is based on your agency’s total portfolio savings divided by your total IT budget. Your results are compared to the leading agency’s ratio. Need to improve your score in this category? Our Supply Chain Optimization solutions can help.

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This category requires an inventory of your agency’s data center(s), as well as a consolidation and optimization plan for each facility. Your grade is based on the percentage of your predicted future savings.

Fifty percent of your grade is directly affected by the five metrics of data center optimization: server utilization, facility utilization, energy metering, power usage effectiveness and virtualization. Our Cloud + Data Center Transformation solutions can help you improve all five metrics.

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This score is focused on driving business outcomes through new IT investments. It's based on the percentage of your agency’s IT projects with major IT development investments that delivered functionality every six months.

Our Connected Workforce and Digital Innovation solutions can help you improve this score through outcome-driven services, such as mobile strategy and Office 365® integration.

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This scores requires your agency to perform a risk assessment paired with a forecast of how well your IT investments will perform in the event of a threat. The calculation rewards agencies that report greater risk, assuming they’re more realistic in their reporting.

Insight offers cybersecurity solutions to help your agency accurately assess risks and detect vulnerabilities within your systems, so you can provide more realistic reporting.

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Find your purchasing contract.

By partnering with leading federal purchasing contracts, we’re able to supply federal agencies with IT products and services at discounted rates. Our contracts include NETCENTS, GSA and CIO-CS. We also support micro-purchasing via credit card through NASA’s SEWP V contract.

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Solutions aligned to your requirements

Our consulting and implementation services support your entire IT transformation journey, from discovery to strategy to adoption. Our engineers, technicians and project managers offer expertise in:

Enterprise mobility management

With workshops, assessments and implementation services, we support all phases of the device management lifecycle.


We’ll develop and support strategic applications that drive efficiencies from your data center to your endpoints.


Our national team of certified engineers delivers solutions that seamlessly connect your technologies.

Data center

Strong partnerships allow us to design, build and operate data center facilities and supporting infrastructure.

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Simplify procurement.

Without the right processes in place, government procurement can be quite a chore. It often includes multiple vendors, many Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and a long wait for manual approval.

Our Supply Chain Optimization solutions provide an easier way to procure government technology. Through our e-commerce platform, you can shop for leading hardware and software covered by your purchasing contract. You can also expedite the purchasing process by setting up automatic approval for designated products.

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Consolidate your data center.

Data center optimization is perhaps the biggest project for federal agencies to tackle, but it also promises the greatest return on investment. Modernizing your infrastructure will enable your agency to increase efficiency, strengthen security and improve workplace productivity.

Through our Cloud + Data Center Transformation solutions, we’ll help you safely update and consolidate your legacy infrastructure. Cloud computing can speed your operations, minimize your physical footprint and remediate potential security vulnerabilities.

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Empower your workforce.

With cloud technologies and mobile capabilities quickly becoming routine in the private sector, your workers expect more out of technology at the workplace. They want employers that can enhance their experience with telework, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs and self-service tools.

To retain the best talent, your agency must embrace mobility and provide the tools your workforce demands. Our Connected Workforce solutions can help. Together, we’ll construct a workforce management strategy so you can enable workplace flexibility without sacrificing security.

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Go digital for better service delivery.

The public you serve is used to interacting with intuitive, easy-to-use websites and mobile apps throughout their daily lives. While visiting federal websites, your customers expect that same level of usability, yet they’re often disappointed.

If you’re still delivering slow, outdated or complex digital experiences, it’s time for a change. Innovations in artificial intelligence could help you improve service delivery and customer experience. Explore the full potential of digital government through our Digital Innovation solutions.

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Achieve FITARA compliance.

From data center consolidation to IT budget optimization, we offer the services and solutions you need.